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Welcome to PathMedic

PathMedic is a National Provider Network Referral Services Organization that offers the highest level of expertise with intense focus on quality, and the commitment to client services. The key to our unique organization is a commitment to customer service excellence.

We are focused on meeting the needs of those requiring Home Health Services.

Home Health Services
Activities of daily living which included:
Skilled nurses for initial assessmentand on-going supervision
Certified nursing assistants (CNAs)offering oral hygiene, bathing,dressing, wound care, etc.
Bilingual aides
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Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
Providing you with the best equipment for your needs:
  Ambulatory Aides
  Hospital Beds
Power Wheelchairs
Medical Supplies
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Customer Service
Why Us

Commercial General Liability

Offer a 100% satisfaction

Medically trained personnel

Uniformed “Professional”
Transportation-Non Emergency
Let us take the hassle out of your day with our world class transportation service:
Ambulatory Transportation
Ambulatory Wheelchair Assist Transportation
Wheel-Chair Lift Transportation
Stretcher Transportation
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